Nylon Dog Collars

Silky Smooth and Thick Nylon Webbing Dog Collars

At dogIDs, we know that pooches of all ages are rough and tumble. They love to play, run, and spend time outside to get out all of their energy, which is why our custom nylon dog collars are a top choice. They can handle anything your active dog does.

In addition to being thick and strong, our nylon webbing is also lightweight, silky smooth  and comfortable. Your dog won't even know he or she is wearing a collar.

Check out all of the ways you can customize a new nylon collar with a quick release buckle for your pooch with tons of webbing colors, thread colors, embroidery or a deep laser engraving.

If you work at a vet, pet store, or with a non-profit, check out our wholesale opportunities, too.

Personalized Nylon Webbing Dog Collars

Our custom nylon dog collars are among our best sellers, with good reason. Not only is nylon webbing one of the most durable materials for collars and harnesses, it's also easy to customize with embroidery or a laser engraved name plate. Pick out a webbing color and contrasting thread that fits your pooch's personality. You can even coordinate collars with a matching nylon dog leash.

From there, you can personalize the collar with your pup's name, address, and/or phone numbers. Having that information right on your dog's collar with no possibility of it ever falling off is critical in case your best friend ever gets lost. You'll then know without a doubt that whoever finds your pooch can get in contact with you ASAP. We also have waterproof options for dogs who love to get wet and muddy often. All of our nylon collars can be personalized with embroidery or engraving, whichever you prefer.