Nylon QR Code ScruffTag Dog Collar

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Nylon QR Code ScruffTag Dog Collar


It takes up to 3 business days to build your custom collar.

  • Durable, Colorfast Nylon
  • Free Online Profile Page & Membership
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Tag
  • Available in 15 Colors
True Sizing
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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The heavy duty, yet silky smooth Nylon QR Code ScruffTag Dog Collar features an adjustable stainless steel nameplate and side release buckle.

They're the perfect combination of safety, style, and technology. The side release military grade plastic buckle makes it extremely easy to take the collar off and put it on while still holding strong. The dye sublimated nameplate features a QR code that offers you the security of knowing your dog has proper identification at all times. The QR code is attached to a FREE Profile Page and Lifetime Membership to PetHub.com where you can enter all kinds of information about your dog, including their name, contact information, medical history, and any special instructions.   

Since this collar is a ScruffTag Collar your dog's nameplate will be sitting perfectly on the back of his or her neck at all times for easy access to scan with any smartphone! The adjustable sliding nameplate has a locking slider on each side of it to ensure the nameplate stays in the position you want it to.

When the collar arrives, it includes a personalized web address and "QR code" that can be scanned with any smartphone (such as Apple iPhone, Android, and others)

How does it work?

Someone finds your dog. They scan the QR code on the collar with their smartphone or type in the web address on the nameplate. Your pet's profile will come right up for them to view, including emergency contacts, important medications, dietary needs, and anything else you think someone rescuing your pet needs to know.

Peace of Mind

Because your PetHub profile remains online - you can update it as often as you need to ensure that your dog is always carrying their most important information. Plus - if you purchase a Premium subscription, you get an email notification that your pet’s tag was scanned, and in the email is a GPS map of where they were when they were scanned. Also with a Premium subscription, you can start a PetHub Community Alert, which sends virtual "Lost Pet" notices to local shelters, rescues, vets and pet professionals, plus the PetHub community!

Free Profile and Membership

Remember, your pet's profile is free (no weird hidden costs, no sign-up fees, no annual fees for the basic storage and linking to your PetHub Link collar or tag). When we ship your dog's QR Code ScruffTag Collar, we include simple instructions in the package with a few step-by-step directions to set up your dog's free membership and profile web page...very easy to do and can be done directly from a smartphone or PC browser. 

You can also choose to upgrade to a Premium subscription for an additional cost for more features. 

*Please note that we cannot make multiple QR code collars with the same code but multiple codes can link to the same PetHub profile page. 


Product Highlights:

  • FREE Profile Page & Lifetime Membership
  • Contoured Side Release Buckle Made from Military Grade Plastic - Rated for up to 130 lbs of pressure - Not recommended for use with tie-outs
  • Corrosion Proof Stainless Steel Square Ring
  • X-box stitching - Super strong construction
  • Contoured and adjustable ScruffTag nameplate
  • Handmade in the USA!
  • Matches the Silky Smooth Nylon Leash

Available Sizes:

  • 3/4 in x 9 - 12 in 
  • 3/4 in x 11 - 14 in
  • 3/4 in x 13 - 18 in
  • 1 in x 13 - 18 in
  • 1 in x 16 - 23 in
  • 1 in x 20 - 27 in

Available Colors:

  • Purple
  • Burgundy
  • Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Red
  • Blaze Orange
  • Neon Yellow - Available in 1 inch Width Only
  • Lime Green
  • Hunter Green
  • Turquoise
  • Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Raspberry



True Sizing