Slide On Dog ID Tags

Slide On Dog ID Tags

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Why Slide-On Dog Tags

If your dog is always wearing his or her collar, hang tags can get a little annoying. With these Slide-On dog tags, you'll never again have to hear the jingling of a tag.

These slide on dog tags are versatile plates, they are perfect for turning an old and outdated collar into a new and fresh looking one!

Along with refreshing an older collar, you can also house a ton of important information on these nameplates. With the option for 4 lines of text of 15 characters apiece, you can fit everything from names to phone numbers and other emergency information. 


This slide-on dog tag easily slides onto the strap of your dog's collar, as long as the collar has a traditional prong style buckle (like a human belt). The opening on the slide on tag is 1/8" wide, which can usually fit over a leather, nylon, or waterproof strap. This tag cannot be used with collars that have breakaway or quick release buckles, as the buckles are on both ends and are too wide for the tag to slide over. 

However, if you like the idea of a nameplate like this on a clip collar, check our Nylon ScruffTag Collars, where we sew the plate into the collar before it's completed. 

Product Highlights 

  • 2 Durable Material Types
  • 3 Different Sizes for a Snug Fit on Almost Any Collar
  • Up to 4 Lines with 15 Characters per Line - 60 Characters Total
  • Choose One of 13 Fun Fonts
  • Works on Open Ended Collars Only

 Available Sizes

  • Small - 5/8 in - For 5/8" wide collars. 1 3/8" Long with 1 1/8" between openings. Opening will fit collars with thickness of 1/8" or smaller. *Not available in brass.  
  • Medium - 3/4 in - For 3/4" wide collars. 1 3/4" Long with 1 1/4" between openings. Opening will fit collars with thickness of 1/8" or smaller. 
  • Large - 1 in - For 1" wide collars. 1 3/4" Long with 1 1/4" between openings. Opening will fit collars with thickness of 1/8"or smaller. 
Available Metal Types
  • Stainless Steel
  • Solid Brass 
All engraving is free and guaranteed for the life of your pet! 
Brass Care
If you choose brass as your tag material option, it does require a bit more work to keep it looking new. For information on caring for your brass, please read our blog or watch our video.


Est. Production Time: 3-4 business days

  • 1/8 Inch Opening for Collar To Go Through
  • Compatible with Open-Ended Collars Only
  • Engraved Plate Guaranteed for Life of Pet
  • Solid Brass or Stainless Steel Options
  • 4 Lines of Engraved Text



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