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Braided Nylon Dog Leashes

Shop our selection of heavy-duty, hard-working braided polypropylene dog leashes - perfect for field, training and show activities.
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A Style for Every Function

Our catalog includes a variety of designs and styles to fit you and your pup’s lifestyle. Each leash is made of polypropylene braided rope. This material is super tough and super soft allowing for easy storage while also lasting a lifetime. So what are you looking for? A training leash? A show leash? A traffic lead for city walks? We have them all! Browse our collection of braided rope leashes today.

A braided dog leash, or rope leash, is a great choice for any dog. Our catalog includes a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. Each of these options comes with its own benefits, and it’s important to choose a leash that will fit your dog’s lifestyle. With each leash design comes a different, very important, function. For guidance as to which braided nylon dog leash is right for your dog, check out our buyer’s guide below.

Extreme Durability

Our collection of braided leads are made of tough multifilament polypropylene roping that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. It’s soft to the touch, waterproof, stylish, and UV coated to protect against decay and fading. Other leash materials are prone to constrict when wet, but braided dog leashes perform well in any condition. They’re also quick to dry which helps prevent odor absorption.


Martingale leashes are a great training tool. The martingale design is made to loosen as your dog relaxes, and constrict when they pull. This function helps teach puppies and adult dogs how to walk nicely beside you rather than pulling or choking themselves. If your dog is a “puller,” the Mendota Martingale Leashes would be the perfect choice for you.


A slip leash, like the martingale design, is built to loosen and constrict with your dog’s movement in order to encourage good behavior during training. Slip leads are often referred to as dog show leashes due to their popularity in this activity. The Mendota Series slip leads also feature a leather slide which you can adjust to comfortably fit your dog and prevent the leash from sliding off over their heads.


If you and your dog like to take walks around the neighborhood, downtown, or on country roads a traffic leash is an excellent choice. Traffic leads are built much shorter than traditional leashes in order to give you more control and keep your dog protected. By keeping your dog closer to your side, a traffic leash will encourage good walking behavior and prevent them from darting into the street if they’re spooked.


The Mendota Night Viz Reflective Snap Leash is perfect for pet parents and pups who love to go for nighttime walks. These classic style rope leashes are infused with 3M Scotchlite Reflective Retroglo to keep both of you visible during your evening stroll. This is the same material used to produce high-visibility clothing for highway workers.

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