River's Picks

Mendota English Bridle Leather Training Tab

A Versatile Training ToolThere are many reasons you may want to work off-leash with your dog, ranging from a skilled hunting maneuver to a fun game of fetch. For whatever the situation, the Mendota English Bridle Leather Steady Tab will aid you and your...

Mendota Skid Plate Chest Protector for Dogs

THE ORIGINAL Skid Plate for dogs Unlike other dog chest and belly protectors on the market, the Skid Plate is made to last and fit properly. The Skid Plate protects your dog’s chest, stomach, and side areas that are hardest hit when in the...

Waterproof Faux Leather NamePlate Leash

Waterproof Faux Leather Dog Leash with Personalized Nameplate Our Waterproof Faux Leather Dog leash with nameplate has the classy look and supple feel of leather in your hand but without the upkeep real leather requires and is much more durable as well...

River the Lab is our SpokesDog and our Founder, Clint's best friend in the world. He inspires us to create products perfect for all pets and only of the highest quality and practicality! River has picked out his favorite dogIDs products and told us to list them here...So we have done so. We hope you and your best friend appreciate River's product advice! Take a scroll through River's favorite, dog collars, dog leashes, dog tags and other accessories that he's sure other dogs will approve of as well.